Why Choose Ken?

Girl Singer

When searching for a vocal coach, there’s one question you need to ask yourself…

Can this person really help me achieve my goals?

Whether you want to sing higher, gain vocal stamina, thicken your sound, become more confident, sing more effortlessly, or better command the attention of your listeners… Vocal Coach Ken Taylor can help.

When you choose to work with Ken, you’re not just learning from someone with a Vocal Performance degree and over a decade of performance experience, you’re getting guidance from someone who has learned teaching methods firsthand from some of the most brilliant and successful vocal coaches in the world.

Now, Ken brings that level of excellence to Orlando. That said, if you’ve had lessons with other teachers before, but you weren’t thrilled with the results, you’ve got to give Ken a try!

If you’re a serious about taking your voice to the next level, then we’ve got good news. Ken is presently accepting a small number of new clients.

So give his scheduler a call and she’ll help you get your first session set up. Just call (407)730-2795.