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Live in Orlando? Great! Simply come to my local training studio - Sing Orlando - and we'll tackle your vocal hurdles together!

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Looking for quality lessons but don't live in the Orlando area? You can get the same results from the comfort of your own home through Skype Singing Lessons.

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Let Me Help You Become the Singer
You've Always Wanted to Be.

Everyone I work with wants to become a better singer, but that means something different to each of them. So at first, my goal is to really understand my clients desires. Then, we can put together a plan that will help you become the singer you want to be.

During lessons, we won’t follow a generic curriculum, nor will I aimlessly take you through endless scales without a purpose. In our lessons, you’ll understand what we’re doing and why so that you can practice effectively outside of lessons.

With your vocal coach by your side acting as a guide, each week is another step in the direction of of helping you become the singer you want to be. 

Either Ken or one of his coaches on staff would be happy to help you along your vocal journey. But first, you need to sign up for an introductory session to get started. That said, we need to know if you’re local or not. Please click the appropriate box above to get started!

Vocal Coach Ken Taylor

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Lessons are tailored to your specific voice. We’ll start with a warm up designed to carve a path of right singing, then move onto a song you help choose. 

Absolutely! The focus of our lessons will be to help you get as much range and ability as possible with a constant focus on singing smarter, not harder. 

It’s your lesson, so we’ll be working on the type of music you like in it. For most singers, I have you bring in half a dozen songs that you like and we work on the one I believe will help you most considering where you are. 

Lessons help you take the first step in becoming confident because you’ll know what to expect out of your voice and out or different scenarios you may want to be confident in. However, the only way to become truly confident in anything is to do it over and over.

I like to tell people skype lessons are virtually the same as in person lessons. I’ve discovered a couple of small differences in offering these lessons over the years, but ultimately they don’t get in the way of solid progress.

Presently, I start off all lessons with a discounted intro session. You can call (407) 730-2795 to schedule an intro, or schedule online be choosing “Voice Lessons in Orlando” or “Skype Singing Lessons” link above.