Become the Singer You’ve Always Wanted To Be…

Thanks for visiting my new site for singing voice lessons. The first thing I want to do is give you some guidance on what I believe are the two most important focuses you should have as a serious singer looking to develop your voice. Focus equally on these two aspects of your singing, and you’ll be blown away by the results you get!

~ Ken

There are two different things a singer must do in order to create the “it factor” others talk about…

First, you must build upon your present talent so that you have more flexibility as a singer. This includes expanding your range, erasing the breaks in your voice, perfecting breath support, and other technical know-how that you’ve probably already heard of. In my experience, most singers can begin to notice a significant improvement in these areas in a lesson or two, and start to own these habits after a few short weeks with the right teacher.

The second thing you must do is start to develop your own artistic style. You see, in the real world, no one cares if you can sing. They don’t care if you can hit high notes… they don’t care if you remember all your words… they don’t care if you were breathing properly… and if you don’t believe me, think of all the different singers on the radio that fall short in the talent department (*cough* Britney Spears *cough*).

You see, your listeners don’t care about your technical ability as a singer… they care if you are believable.¬†In my opinion, too many teachers approach lessons the same as a factory worker, constantly churning out the same result time and again. But if you sound like everyone else, why should your audience care? This is why artists like Britney Spears have found success. She found a niche, and she’s very believable.

This is probably one of the most important factors of establishing yourself as a singer. You must both work on your technique, and developing yourself as an artist. You must grow your vocal abilities and also know that¬†subtlety and uniqueness are equally as important. Increase your abilities for when you need them, but always be authentically you when you’re in front of your audience. Do this and you’ll never go wrong.

This describes my teaching philosophy. Develop the voice, develop the artist.

Now that you know a little about my philosophy in teaching voice, it’s time you discover more about my singing lessons. Or, if you are ready to get started, you can contact me here and schedule your introductory consultation.